Soulstice - Moving Forward From Within


"I have gained a community! And am loving the feeling.
It opened my heart to a deeper level as I came
to know the souls of these beautiful women."

"Thank you, Diane, for your wonderful presence & sense of humor.
You created a sacred space & held the container masterfully.
I feel bigger than I was before,
as if I've expanded to embrace more of life!"

"I am so grateful to Diane for her gentle leadership.
I feel she made everyone feel included and appreciated.
I have gained a deeper understanding of SoulCollage®
and I have gained a community of sisters."

"SoulCollage® has helped me heal the 'silence' aspect
of my trauma by doing the readings.
I was coming to this training to be able to
use this process in my shamanic practice,
but it has actually been one of the most
tremendous healings of my life.
Deep, deep heartfelt gratitude for creating such a safe circle!"

"Diane, you've been one of the best Facilitators I've ever had the pleasure of sharing space with. Thank you for holding such a DEEPLY beautiful space."

Valarie E..

"Thank you for being a great leader. You were funny, knowledgeable, warm, affectionate, and encouraging. I feel blessed."

Heather T.
“The gathering was thoughtful and well-organized. It was a wonderful event and I had a great time. The process was extremely helpful for me as I am transitioning to my next career path.  Thank you!”
Beth M.
“I want you to know how much I have enjoyed our work together in our private sessions. For the first time in a while, I feel confident and very settled about my future. Thank you for your amazing time and wise guidance.”
“Wow! What a wonderful team building session. Thank you for coaching us. As a newbie, the project was pertinent and needed for all of us to get to know each other. Loved your demeanor - very intuitive. Looking forward to working with you again.”
Susan, Account Manager and Recruiter
“The collage workshop was alot of fun and very insightful. You did a wonderful job of holding the energy and everything was so beautifully orchestrated. I think everyone came away with something to ponder and cherish. I will be attending more of these gatherings! Thanks again.”
"Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful collage heart class. It was so perfect to have gone to your class before my son's wedding. I was surprised at my 'eagle' mom when it came to me but by the end of the weekend, I was clear why. Thanks again for holding the space so beautifully in your class and for all your  supplies and graciousness. My collage supported me and gave me strength throughout  the whole weekend."
Nancy L.
“Jason and I both felt that partner collage was a satisfying and rewarding experience.  It was fun to bring out each others creative side.  Diane was a wonderful facilitator and made us feel very comfortable.”

Jennifer Robinson and Jason Lensch
Thank you once again for a wonderful, peaceful nurturing afternoon. Your special talent is bringing people together and helping them nurture themselves in whatever way they need. Your life in HR was one form of that, but now you are offering it through Soulstice. The constant is your grace and ability to get people to open up and work on being their selves-you truly have a special way about you that helps people focus on becoming their best selves. Your ability to move others in the direction they need (without actually knowing what that is for each person) is your true gift. I had a wonderful time. Thank you!"
Kathi R.
Thank you for a lovely evening.  I realized this morning that my 3 cards are ,in fact, a triptych  - the one with my sister, myself and idyllic treasures has to do with my youth, the bright orange one has something to do with the present or the transition or the subconscious blossoming, and the "refresh" one with the portrait of an older woman is the crescendo.  And yes, I did realize that the loss card was about the loss of my youth - but I didn't see how it related to my collages until I saw them as a triptych. Let me know when you host other collage groups - I really liked how the guided meditation primed the exercise and I really enjoyed the company/energy of the other women."
Janelle S.
I really enjoyed the class very much.  I received your email/flyers for your upcoming events and have passed them along to some friends also.  I hope to take another class with you soon, as it is a very therapeutic and insightful process..”
Elizabeth B.
"Diane, thank you for yesterday's delightful, enlightening and illuminating evening working with SoulCollage®. First, I loved how organized you were--it felt like you had a plan and the structure was well thought out.  I thought the soul coaching cards were a brilliant addition--gentle and affirming thoughts to end the card reading.  The space worked well, intimate without being tight. I especially appreciated your welcoming and open presence and can only imagine that your groups will be wildly successful."
Patricia D.
"It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to meet you and to participate in such a joyous adventure. Thank you for the information on "The Monkey"...seems to fit. I am planning on repeating the process we did last night with my other cards and I will go back into my card with the Mandrill...see what blessings come through today. I am looking forward to the Sunday experience...great fun and more exploring!"
Julie H.
"Diane, that was a great class.  Thank you so much.  I enjoyed the gentle people who were there also.  I had very interesting dreams last night.  I know exactly what I have to do work around.  This is such a great life.  Both owl and mouse are night creatures and I am a morning person, but I do all my work in dream time.  I also read Tarot cards. (owl medicine.)...  I love my card, can't wait to soar like her.  I think I need to go sky diving again. Again, thanks for the wonderful information."
Roby G.
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