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SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings

"There's an ancient tradition that the world is... waiting,
breathless for each of us to take our place in it."

- David Whyte, Making A Friend of the Unknown

Are you wanting to become a SoulCollage® Facilitator?

The SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is for anyone who wants to facilitate SoulCollage® for self-discovery in groups and with individuals and/or for your own personal guidance and wisdom.
A profound modality to add to your professional work as a therapist, spiritual director, coach, teacher, art therapist.
This is also an opportunity for those  seeking an in-depth immersion in the SoulCollage® community experience.

What the Facilitator Training focuses on

Preparing you to facilitate others on how to explore the depth and mystery of the SoulCollage® process.You will experience in depth 'readings' to call up your own intuition and to deepen your personal process.  And some opportunity to make more cards to add to your deck.
Work with one another to understand the SoulCollage® principles:
  • Ways to create a safe structure which both protects and encourages self-discovery, without doing therapy
  • How to use SoulCollage® as a self-guided spiritual practice.
  • Practical methods for giving reflective feedback instead of analyzing, giving advice. 
  • Ways to use SoulCollage® in ceremony and with ritual to deepen the practice 

You will also receive ideas on marketing your own workshops and all the many ways in which the SoulCollage(r) community supports one another.

What the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training Covers

·        How to facilitate SoulCollage® card-making, including ways to support self-esteem and avoid competition and self-criticism.

·        How to implement a therapeutic structure which both protects and encourages self-discovery.

·        Ways to adapt the process to different individual issues and different populations.

·        Demonstration of how to access intuition with SoulCollage® cards.

·        Discussion about how to use the section of the website for Facilitators to access resources for their SoulCollage® Facilitating with clients. 

·        Help in envisioning a plan for facilitating SoulCollage® that fits your own passions, intentions, and competencies.

·        Ethical challenges that might arise when one is working with individuals and groups using the powerful spiritual and personal images on SoulCollage® cards.

Participants use their own processes as teaching examples for the group in learning how to facilitate SoulCollage® work, because the focus in the Training is training rather than card-making per se as in a workshop.

No degree or other credentials are needed to register for this course.

"Thank you, Diane, for your wonderful presence & sense of humor.
You created a sacred space & held the container masterfully.
I feel bigger than I was before,
as if I've expanded to embrace more of life!"

"I am so grateful to Diane for her gentle leadership.
I feel she made everyone feel included and appreciated.
I have gained a deeper understanding of SoulCollage®
and I have gained a community of sisters."

2017 Trainings

February 2 - 5
San Antonio, Texas

May 26 - 28
Seattle, WA

June 30 - July 2 
Portland, OR

Information on CEUs

We are in the process of arranging to provide CEUs for a variety of different license categories, including MFT's, Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors.
Please check with the Trainer regarding the particular license in which you are interested.

Contact Diane  at to register, get the application, and arrange for CEUs.

"Diane models how to be a Trainer in marvelous ways.
Her attunement to each participant as
well as the whole group is masterful.
I am grateful for her loving, deep hospitality."

"It is hard to put into words what I have gained from the training experience. I do know this process will open
many doors in my professional work."

Please inquire through the Contact Soulstice menu so information on registering & logistics can be sent your way!

In the comment section, please let us know if you were a referral from a SoulCollage® FacilitatorWe do want to honor one another.

Chair: 2013 SoulCollage® Facilitator Conference
Diane Jacobson Born was the visionary leader of the planning for the 2000+ Facilitators worldwide at the 5th International SoulCollage® Facilitators Conference that was held in Portland, OR area.

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