Soulstice - Moving Forward From Within
Sankofa Bird
The concept of Sankofa is derived from King Adinkera of the Akan people of West Africa. Sankofa is expressed in the Akan language as "se wo were fi na wosan kofa a yenki". Literally translated it means ' it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot'.
SAN (return), KO (go), FA (look, seek and take)
'Sankofa' is symbolically expressed as a mythic bird that flies forward while looking backward with an egg (the future) in its mouth.
'Sankofa' teaches us that we must go back to our roots in order to move forward. That is, we should reach back and gather the wisdom of what our past has to teach us so that we can achieve our best potential as we move forward. Whatever we have lost, forgotten, forgone or been stripped of, can be reclaimed, preserved and perpetuated.
We must go back and reclaim our past so we can understand why and how we came to be who we are today. No matter how far one travels or how lost one feels, it is worth the coming home to self.
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