Soulstice - Moving Forward From Within
About Soulstice
EXPLORATION and DISCOVERY for re-visioning your path
using SoulCollage®, a gentle, fun and profound process for
helping us age wisely and consciously.

Soulstice™ offers trainings, retreats, workshops and consulting options for Individuals, Groups and Business. These services are offered at various locations in the Portland area and other locations around the country. We can be readily available for you at your home, your business location, or other locations of your choice.


Individual / Group

• Inner Trekking & Self-Discovery
• Creative Fun for the Soul
• Passages: Mid-Life, Retirement, Empty-Nesters
• Celebrations: Birthday, Anniversary, Baby & Wedding Showers
• Relationships: Family, Parent/Child, Partners, Reunions
• Grief & Loss: Pet, Divorce, Job, Health
• Card Readings: Insights & Guidance
• Career Direction & Coaching

Gatherings can be personalized to serve your specific needs.

Business / Education

» Team Building & Transforming Conflict
» Work/Life Balance
» Strategic Goal Setting
» Diversity Training
» Youth/Young Adults: Self-Acceptance and Self-Confidence
» Leadership - Brainstorming & Visioning
» HR Consulting
» Specialized to serve your specific needs

Want to give someone a joyful opportunity to experience
Soulstice™ has gift certificates available.
Does your company support opportunities for employees to engage in wellness in the workplace?
Bring Soulstice™ into the office for stress relief, balance and a fun respite for an afternoon break. Also available for wellness fairs.
Do you have a group of friends or colleagues that you wish to bring SoulCollage® to?
Have Soulstice™ come to your group, your retreats, and enjoy this incredible process...together! Can tailor the topics to what is relevant or desired by you. 
What Can You Expect from a Workshop?
You will find yourself surrounded by like-minded participants equally eager to play, create, and share with the knowing that Diane facilitates the group with sacred respect for everyone’s comfort and ensures confidentiality. You will work and share at your own pace in a non-competitive atmosphere, guided in a personalized, lively yet gentle manner. You will feel supported while re-discovering shared human traits and you will be delighted by the diversity with which every one expresses her/himself.

You will leave feeling inspired and more centered for having spent time in closer touch with your own inner self and having shared from a deep place of reverence and attention.
SoulCollage® appeals to diverse age groups and organizations. Although spiritually oriented, it is not affiliated with any one religion. Although it involves the creative process, it does not require artistic talent or any other kind of training.

Diane (Di) Born is a writer, mentor, and Creatress, a compassionate heart of the soul’s journey. She meets you where you are. She has an intuitive sense of the deeper story and is able to hear what one may find difficult to say. Transformed by the process, she is a SoulCollage® Facilitator and Trainer.

Please submit any requests through the Contact Soulstice menu option or contact me at
I welcome the opportunity to share this fun, transformative, and
creative process with you.
Many blessings,
Diane Jacobson Born, PHR
Consultant  ~  Faciltiator  ~  Trainer
Member of: SHRM, NAPW, SoulCollage®
Moving Forward From Within
"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what
you truly  love. It will not lead you astray" Rumi
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