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About SoulCollage®
SoulCollage® is a fun and creative expressive art process developed by psychotherapist Seena Frost, MA, MDiv. Using found images, scissors, mat board and glue, your intuition guides the creation of a unique set of cards that express important aspects of your Self and Soul. 
As you create your own personal deck over time, you are able to speak to the various parts of your being, explore their lessons, activate their powers, and celebrate the pieces of you as one vibrant whole.

The SoulCollage®process is a fun and profound journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance - it is the art of soul tending. Making this discovery through creativity allows you to bring the subconscious to the conscious mind where the transformation takes place.

SoulCollage® will illuminate and deepen your understanding of the relationship between:

-Your various personality parts
-You and your family/friends/co-workers/community/world
-You and your dreams, your hurts, your inner conflicts, your gifts
All you need is already inside of you!

New seed is faithful.
It roots deepest in the places
that are most empty.
-clarissa pinkola estes, "the ultimate faith"

» Discover the artist inside and enhance your creativity
» Tap into your intuition and inherent wisdom
» Identify your  inner strengths and guide you through decisions
» Discover new ways of looking at the 'shadow' parts as gifts of light
» Deepen your relationships with friends, partners and family
» Soothe yourself in times of stress or grief
» Replenish your spirit when your well runs dry
» Celebrate  an anniversary, birthday or important passage

As a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator and Trainer, I can introduce you and/or your group to this wonderful process. I provide all the materials for this creative adventure.  I am also available to facilitate SoulCollage®card readings with your deck, which can help you quickly access your intuition and inner knowing to address important transitions in your life.
I am honored to provide a sacred space for you to experience
your own unique gifts.
I am blessed to have been one of her students.
  "When the soul wishes to
experience something,
she throws an image
of the experience
out before her and
enters into her own image."

     Meister Eckhardt     
A SoulCollage® deck is the Story of You. It is a tangible way to know yourself in your diversity and depth, and also to show yourself to others. Showing your deck of SoulCollage® cards to another person is a holy experience. In like-spirited groups, you can share cards and work with
them in many sacred ways. You can consult them intuitively and discover wisdom within yourself which will amaze you. Besides all this,
creating them is just plain fun! You will love your deck - a multi-card Mirror of your Self and your Soul - whether it consists of three cards
or a hundred.”
Seena Frost, Creator of SoulCollage®

To learn more about SoulCollage®, explore the following websites and links:


SoulCollage® is a registered trademark of SoulCollage LLC.  The SoulCollage process is described in Seena B. Frost's book, SoulCollage®, and more information about SoulCollage® can be found at  SoulCollage® cards are
not to be sold, traded, or bartered and are to be reproduced only for the personal use of the maker of the card. SoulCollage® cards may be used as examples to illustrate the SoulCollage® process, but it is a principle of SoulCollage® that SoulCollage® cards are not for sale, trade or barter. 
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